s Modrý Důl Cottages

Spring breaks

The course is designed for children and teenagers aged 6-17 and is a great opportunity to spend a free time in the fresh air, improve skiing, enjoy a lot of fun and meet new friends. Throughout a week we will use a proven forms of teaching that are also associated with a full-time program.Skiing classes take place both in the morning and afternoon hours under the constant instructors supervising. The lift is right next to the cottage with an ideal slope for children´s instruction. Children are divided into teams according to skiing skills. The youngest children who do not have a lot of experinces will surely find a hobby in training aids. This makes easir for them to get basic ski skills. Advanced skiers will enjoy action games and excercices related to finding safety in curves and improving hillside racing. Advanced skiers can go for one day accompained by an instructor to 2.5 km away ski resort in Pec pod Snezkou.


Not only we will teach everyone to ski properly and safety, but they all enjoy lot of fun during evening programmes. Throughout a week a full-board game is also available for children to use other skills and abilities. Of course there are rewards for children such as sweets and small gifts.


At the end of the week qualifing to the Modrodol Cup will be held. The best girls and best boys will compete with competitors from the second run of the spring holidays. The Modrodol Cup race is scheduled for a weekend after both spring holidays. Winners will get a tournament cup that can be won after three consecutive victories. The great reward is surely the immortality of the engraved name on the winner´s table which has been a tradition since 1972.

Melas are provided (breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner) and tea is available throughout a day.


Sign as soon as possible places for spring breaks can be quickly booked.


Price including: both-way transport Prague - Pec pod Snezkou, instructor full day care including ski instruction, full-board, accomodation, luggage transportation to the cottage and back, weekly ski ticket and insurance.